Strengthening Our Community Through Communication

Clean Energy:

I will continue to fight for clean energy jobs and promote an affordable green economy.  I was instrumental in passing landmark legislation that will create more off-shore wind and hydro power.  Our future is in energy storage and I will fight to create an environment where green technology will thrive.

Clean Energy.png
Local Aid:

I will continue to fight for increased education funding, special education circuit breaker and charter school reimbursement.  I will also continue to fight for our public safety officers, transportation and road projects.

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Drug and Alcohol addiction has historically caused pain for families and negatively impacted our economy.  This is a social ill we should not turn a blind eye towards.  I will continue to fight to ensure our community has the needed funds to provide treatment to tackle this ongoing crisis.

Mass bureau of substance abuse.png
Mental Health:

We have made positive strides towards helping those who deal with mental health issues.  I will continue to fight to make sure mental health has parity with physical health.

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Fiscal Management:

I am proud to have supported a balanced state budget that also increased our stabilization account to $2 billion.  A strong economy is built with sound fiscal management and I will continue to make this a priority.  Click on State House for FY2020 Budget Process.

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